Our South-based Sales Manager, Freddie, and Marketing Executive, Cian, recently took a trip to Onside’s Legacy Youth Zone in Croydon to see how they’ve been making use of their new Mercedes Minibus and find out more about the activities available to Legacy members.

In the Summer of 2021, Mistral supplied and part-funded a brand-new Mercedes Vito Minibus for Legacy, so that they can transport members around the local area as well as on trips around the UK.

The Youth Zone is packed with facilities which give young people the opportunity to develop new skills, build their confidence, express themselves, and most importantly, have fun. Mistral are proud to support Legacy with the delivery of their new minibus, which opens more doors for their members in the form of residential trips, visits around the local community, and transport for those who may not have previously had access to the opportunities provided at the Youth Zone.

It was great to hear that, already the minibus has been out on the road, taking members on trips to the Lake District, Scotland and Manchester!

Legacy’s Chief Executive, Barnabas Shelbourne, commented: “We’re so thankful to our friends at Mistral for helping us to acquire the minibus and get it all ready. We’re going to be using it for young people, to help transport them on trips and around the community. So, watch out for the Green Machine!”

Nick Sleep, Chairman at Legacy, added: “We’re delighted with our new minibus, it’s absolutely fantastic. Bright green and yellow – this is the community coming together. We’ve got Mistral coming in, helping us to pay for a new Youth Zone, to provide services for our young people and that’s exactly what Legacy is about so thank you very much Mistral.”

Mistral’s Freddie Fuller said: “Mistral are proud to support Onside’s Legacy Youth Zone here in Croydon with their new Mercedes Minibus to help transport their members and we wish to continue supporting them.”

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