New vehicle rental solutions help improve fleets, whilst reducing risks. Find below some of the benefits that come with a new vehicle rental.

Reduced R&M Costs

New vehicles offer improved reliability in comparison to aged units, reducing downtime and improving operational performance.

New vehicle rental supported by a manufacturer warranty helps minimise worry over breakdowns, parts costs, and reduced service conformity. The savings made can then be re-invested into further business efficiency improvements.

No Residual Value Risk

When thinking about the inevitable transition to a Zero Emission fleet in the next few years, decisions about buying vehicles for fleet now become increasingly risky. Where will it be compliant and just how far will residuals fall? That’s why a rental solution could just provide the ideal interim fix your business needs.

Get the vehicles your passengers need today, with reduced risks of future disposal concerns.

At the end of your rental period, you can either extend your term or return the vehicle to us, ready for the next suitable replacement that meets your operational requirements.

Potential to Improve Fuel Economy

Advancements in engine technologies help to improve fuel consumption, which in turn reduces fuel costs.

With a medium to long-term rental of latest Euro 6 compliant vehicles from Mistral, you could benefit from those all-important cost savings, allowing you to invest in other parts of your business, or simply just improve bottom line.

Improved Passenger Comfort

Encouraging people away from cars and onto public transport is challenging – how do you make bus travel appeal versus the comfort and convenience of car travel?

One way to help increase passenger numbers and bottom-line performance is by offering modern, comfortable, clean, and reliable vehicles.

With rising purchase prices, a rental solution from Mistral enables you to offer your passengers this improved travel experience without the need for large capital outlay to your business.

Emissions Legislation Compliance

With increasing political and environmental pressures to reduce emissions pollution, how do you stop your fleet from falling into non-compliance?

Mistral give you easier access to emissions-compliant vehicles that support cleaner air objectives at affordable pricing and without the risks associated with purchase.

Increased Patronage

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences.

Providing passengers and drivers with modern, comfortable, clean and reliable vehicles could not only increase passenger volume and frequency of travel, but might improve driver and maintenance team retention too. All of which improve bottom-line performance through efficiency savings, whilst improving standards of service and staff morale.

Get in touch with us here to discuss your new vehicle rental solution with our specialist team.

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